Mismatched Socks

Kids are my favorite types of humans. When in a room with adults and young children, I gravitate towards the little ones. In many social situations, I find that I often drink, eat, or talk too much because I am anxious. I am often afraid that I will say something stupid or be judged forContinue reading “Mismatched Socks”

Being Productive

In the weeks leading up to graduation, many of my classmates were interviewing and negotiating full-time jobs, for many their first salaried, benefited position. A few big life changes hung in the balance, and I couldn’t apply for anything until I knew what direction I was headed in. Plus, after three tough years and preparingContinue reading “Being Productive”

Suffering for Suffering’s Sake

A few weeks ago, I ran the Chicagoland Half Marathon. It was my first in-person race since January 2020, and I was not looking forward to it. I had actually purchased the bib for the 2020 race, but because of COVID, the race had been cancelled, and participants were allowed to transfer to another raceContinue reading “Suffering for Suffering’s Sake”

A Person Who Watches Sunrises

When we moved to our apartment two blocks from the beach, I envisioned that I would get up many mornings and watch the fiery sun rise above Lake Michigan. Maybe do some yoga, maybe meditate. Just take in the calm, zen moment before rushing into another busy day. Well, we’ve lived in this apartment threeContinue reading “A Person Who Watches Sunrises”


The other day, I was headed downtown for an appointment. I go to this clinic frequently, and I have my route down to a science. I know to start in the inside lane and when to switch to the outer lane. I know which lane I need to be in to make the correct turn.Continue reading “Surrendering”

The Aftermath

“It’s like heaven to hear your voice,” my friend J said, “butto know that you are at the beach, it’s even better.” It was Tuesday afternoon, or actually Wednesday. I don’t really remember thedays anymore. My only scheduled items are a few shifts at my part-time job andthe occasional social engagement. I had already doneContinue reading “The Aftermath”