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Heather Mangan is a clinical mental health counseling graduate student and writer based in Chicago. Prior to pursing a career in therapy, she was an award-winning journalist and worked in non-profit marketing and communications. It was in this work of having intimate conversations with people that led her to go back to school to become a counselor. As a clinician, Heather practices unconditional positive regard and empathetic understanding and works to create a safe therapeutic environment. She believes that people are influenced by the stories they tell themselves and others tell about them but that these stories can be revised and rewritten. 

As a writer, her work as appeared in Elite Daily, Thought Catalog, and other publications.

Additionally, she is a returned Peace Corps Volunteer from Niger (2010-2011) and Lesotho (2011-2013). In Lesotho, Heather taught secondary English and developed a nation-wide creative writing contest. She was also part of the volunteer support network and created a mental health calendar to help volunteers through the emotional ups and downs of service.

 Heather lives with her husband and dog.