The following are samples of my work:

“Why serving in the Peace Corps isn’t putting your career on hold”, PeaceCorps.gov, 2016

“Why The Best Relationship Of Your Life Probably Won’t Be With ‘The One’” Elite Daily, 2016

“Giving Up Booze Didn’t Change My Life, But This Is Why I’m Still Sober” – Elite Daily, 2016

“How Mentoring A Refugee Taught Me What It Really Means To Be American”, Elite Daily, 2016

“Breaking Up With Friends”Thought Catalog, 2015

“4 Things You Have To Do To Find Love In 2016”Thought Catalog, 2015

My Peace Corps Blog, 2010-2015

“Running Through,” World View Magazine, 2013

“What Makes a South Dakotan?”, South Dakota Humanities Council, 2012

“Part 1: Paxton cleans up, looks to move back homePart 2: Wanting be made whole again”Capital Journal, 2011

“In Pierre film, SD to play lead”Capital Journal, 2011

“Mayors battle river for cities”Capital Journal, 2011

“Homeless with house payment”Capital Journal, 2011

“Part 1: Cities update sewers since 1997Part 2: Empty lots abundant in southeast PierrePart 3: Searching for a new ‘normal’ in southeast Pierre”Capital Journal, 2011

“Part 1: Gates open, more water comingPart 2: Water approaches record in Lake OahePart 3: High water may affect summer in Pierre”, Capital Journal, 2011

“Bob’s Lounge celebrates Billie’s birthday”, Capital Journal, 2011





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