The Leap: Beginning A New Chapter

“You want to jump over to the other tube?” my friend asked me. I shook my head. I was fine just where I was. She shrugged her shoulders, and then as the boat pulled us behind it, she effortlessly moved from one flotation device to the other, a stream of water underneath her. Recently, IContinue reading “The Leap: Beginning A New Chapter”

A Stack of Rejection Letters

There are dozens of them in my email – some I have deleted and others I meant to delete but didn’t for one reason or another. Many of them have the same stock phrases,  such as “not the right fit” and “we wish you the best.” They are from agents, magazines, literary journals, and websites,Continue reading “A Stack of Rejection Letters”

I feel a little less South Dakotan today

I’ve been in a mood all day. One of those moods when my coworkers can hear me complaining down the hall. When I set the treadmill a little higher on my mid-day run because I am currently not drinking and need to relieve the stress some way. When you just want to hit the fastContinue reading “I feel a little less South Dakotan today”

A letter to myself on Valentine’s Day 2015

My love is coming to me. My love is coming to me. He will be here by the end of the year. … Clean up your heart to be ready for your love. Rest assured, he is coming. No need to seek. Just live. … Oh sweet, Heather, I wish you wouldn’t torture yourself. YouContinue reading “A letter to myself on Valentine’s Day 2015”