What Would You Do With Two Weeks?


What would you do, if unexpectedly, you found two free weeks on your calendar? No work. No major obligations. Nothing but the time.

This is my current predicament. For reasons I will explain soon, I have two open weeks in the middle of August. This is a surprise, as I was originally planning on just a week. So, that now I have two, I feel like I need to make the most of it.

There are a few caveats. I have three appointments during the first week that I need to make, but then my schedule is completely clear. Also, while I have some cash, I am on a budget and so anything that will cost more than a few hundred dollars, such as a last-minute vacation to a resort in Mexico, is likely not going to happen. I want to spend much of the time enjoying summer and being outside. Here are a few ideas so far:

  • Be a tourist in my own city and tick-off some bucket list items; such as kayaking in the Chicago River, the Garfield Conservatory and biking all of the Lake Shore Path
  • Spend a full day binging Netflix
  • Write in coffee shops across the city
  • Take Annie out to some trails in the suburbs
  • Daily swims in my gym’s rooftop pool and the Lake
  • Convince Ethan to go camping for a weekend in Wisconsin
  • Make pasta from scratch
  • Take a day trip to Milwaukee
  • Take my dog on a road trip to visit family in Minnesota and South Dakota
  • Cash in some credit card points for a four-day solo trip to Portland
  • Decorate and settle into my new apartment

Now I want to hear about you. What would you do with an extra two weeks?

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