Summer Bucket List


Season bucket lists are basic, I know this, and yet I can’t help but make them every fall, spring, summer, and winter. I find them to be a good road map to enjoy the most of the time at hand before the weather change and there is new focus.

This summer is a bit monumental as it is bookend by two major life events. The beginning was our wedding and the end, well, that’s a post for another day. (I promise). Life has slowed down a bit since  wedding planning, so I really want to take the time to enjoy this season, especially in Chicago where warm temperatures are the equivalent of striking gold.

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And, instead of tucking it away in a journal, I thought I would share my summer bucket list here, maybe as some sort of accountability. This is what I want to do this summer:

  • Cook and Bake: We got a ton of new food-related items for our wedding, and I really want to use them exploring the bountiful harvest of summer. Also, I wouldn’t let myself have any carbs for the wedding, so I want to make up for lost time.
  • Go for a Long Bike Ride: My hip is finally in a good place and I am almost done with physical therapy (mostly because my insurance is denying me additional appointments), however running is still far off. But, I can bike outside now and that’s a win. I am hoping to go for a long ride this summer. A couple of options would be to Three Floyds Brewery in Indianan or, since that may be too far this summer, the length of the Lake Shore Trail. I would prefer to do this with a friend – anybody?
  • Blog More: I haven’t been around these parts much lately, and I miss it. Blogging was never about views or likes for me, just a place to go when I needed to put my thoughts in the world. I love writing when I come here, and I spent so much of the last two years working on getting published that I have a distaste for writing. I want to find my happy again.
  • Day Date with Ethan and Annie to Starved Rock: I’ve lived in the city four years and have never gone. I am thinking it would be a lovely one-day trip.
  • Go Camping: We got a tent for our wedding, so why not?
  • Read More: I have so many unread books that need my love and attention, and I am tired of Netflix and Hulu.
  • Try Bumble Friends: I am really intrigued by it.
  • Take Steps to Start a Podcast: I have a really good idea for one; I just need to get over my fears and do it.
  • Make Kombucha: I could drink this stuff every day, and at at $4 a bottle, I should learn how to make my own.
  • Explore our new neighborhood: While we love our current apartment, Ethan and I decided to move to Rogers Park to save money. We found a cute two-bedroom that is near a ton of great restaurants, theaters, and my favorite market in the city.
  • Take the Water Taxi to Chinatown and then get Dim Sum: I’ve said I would do this for years and I really want to follow through.
  • Bike to Work at Least Two times a Week: That is, when I am ready to that kind of distance (we live about nine miles away from my office)
  • Swim: My gym has a rooftop pool, so I want to be there all summer.


Other standard Chicago Summer things I want to be sure to do:

  • Cubs & White Sox Game
  • Picnic at the Beach
  • Picnic at Millennium Park
  • Eat as many meals as I can outside (our new apartment has enough of a space for a table and chairs)
  • Go to all the Farmer’s Markets
  • Yoga at Millennium (this is a long shot as I will be able to run before I can do yoga again)
  • Spend as much time on Lake Shore as Possible

So, what about you? What’s on your bucket list for the summer?

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