An introduction


Hi, friends,

So, I sort of sprung a new blog on you all without an introduction. And then I got all emotional with the feelings and what not. Well, I suppose that is the introduction.

Unlike ‘a story’, this blog will have a more fluid theme. While it’s about me, I want to use this space to discuss big themes in life, specifically within the realm of self-discovering and spirituality. Since the turn of the year, I’ve come to understand the work I need to do in my life to find joy, meaning and love. I want you all to come along as I dig deep.

There isn’t quite a map to figure out one’s self. There isn’t a ‘how to’ YouTube or an infographic on Pinterest. It’s sort of a “head out into the woods and see what you come across” kind of thing.

So, here I go, into the woods. I plan to incorporate a lot of prayer and meditation, running and yoga, good books by good authors, uplifting sayings on Pinterest and more time with the ones I love and less with those that bring about toxicity,

This blog will be the record I keep and I hope you choose to come along with me.

Your turn, what are you hoping to improve in the New Year? It could be anything. I’d love to hear your goals and plans. Leave a comment below.

One thought on “An introduction

  1. Extremely lame, but I’m hoping to not spend money in the work cafeteria. It’s so easy — tap your badge and BOOM! your meal is paid for… the money is taken from your paycheck. Looking back on 2014, I spent over $600 in the cafeteria. SIX HUNDRED DOLLARS! Let’s not even mention that I was out on a medical leave for 6 weeks and vacation for two, and on a typical week I only work 3 shifts… = not good. Here is to 2015 and learning to cook better foods, and packing a lunch (or dinner, or whatever meal it is that I eat at 1am).


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